Economic Death Panels

July 18, 2011


what if the Federal Government only paid out to the recipients of Medicare, Medicaid, VA benefits, government retirement, unemployment, SSI and Social Security (etc, etc) what was taken in? How would you divvy up a finite pie? Who would get what?

Would it be ‘needs based’? Would distribution be based on ‘fairness’? Would it be given out equally? First come, first served? Who would decide?

Think for a minute. Take the thought to the logical conclusion. Be a Death Panel Chairperson.

Well, never fear. Because the ruling class could never lavish these gifts on all these various interest-groups or victim classes if they actually had to be paid for, THEY NEVER WILL BE PAID FOR.

until the system collapses.

which appears to be an utter certainty.


At a commie rally in Austin a month or two ago. I wasn’t exactly raised sweet and gentle but this shit would have never occurred to me.

This from the people that wiped out an entire generation of indigenous American citizens with their zeal for eugenics.

Death from Shutdown?

April 10, 2011

peeps act like they cannot survive the day if the fed ‘shuts’ down. It is time, people. I will finish and edit this thought tonight, for now, off to the range.

It is one of those revelations that only come when the stars align. and when you read some other blogger, now lost in my memory, who states the obvious.

It turns out there is only an anti-conservative movement, masquerading as any number of important sounding and acting groups.

The mask slipped when we went into Libya. Because the LightWorker ordered the action, it received only a whimper from the usually vociferous AWM.

This validates the very reason that I named this blog what I did. I have never felt that the vast array of leftist organizations was anything beyond various niches in the field of True Believer. (ya’ll know I am a big fan of Hoffer).


April 1, 2011

I been thinkin about my little picture in that last post. I should have drawn the sun in a setting type way. Except 22% of people would have mistaken it for a sunrise.

Who might these idiots be? As soon as I saw this ‘report’  I thought to myself, they sure seem organized. Well they should be, they are ANSWER thugs.

But I repeat myself.

But, if you were, imagine something here with me. Suppose a lifetime of work is  months away from coming to full fruition. Generations of work. Everything fell into place, you are on the verge of having a permanent majority to vote in your every Utopian dream. It is all working. Even your ‘opposition’ is limp-wristed, more concerned with keeping those checks rolling in while playing Big Man on the National stage.

Now suppose there were some players out there that may just actually oppose you for real and so far you do not have the legislation to outlaw their particular behavior. What if you see your giant all-in coming to a halt because of some free-minded spoilers?

Here is what I think. I think that if the American leftists come up against serious, lawful opposition and fear their Socialist Revolution is in jeopardy, they will go violent. It is the natural inclination of the Left in the first place but they will have nothing left to lose. I really think they will go off the deep end and attack violently.