In the Navy

May 6, 2010

So, I spent a year floating around the Mediterranean Sea back in the 70’s. You know, Spain, Italy, Sicily, France. Saw a lot of other places from oh, prolly three nautical miles or more. Africa, don’t remember where, Turkey, Sardinia, yah, yah, yah. What part did I not see? From any nautical miles? What part were we most certainly not allowed to step foot on?

Why that would be the Birth Place of Civilization, Greece. Too hostile we were told. Too many communists. Too much violence towards Americans we were warned. I have never been overly impressed about what Greek ‘civilization’ looks like. I am certainly not impressed with its current iteration.

I suppose when we tip the scale and become a nation of entitleds versus producers, we will also riot when the Magical Unicorn fails to deliver our daily rations of magic beans.


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