JugEars O’Bumbles be clueless

May 2, 2010

He was, appropriately enough, at a commencement on May Day. Gave a speech about incitement in a Democracy. This is a person, or regime, that I do not need to look for an excuse to intensely dislike. They provide plenty of solid reasons. A few things jumped out at me about his speech. First, he does not seem to know what our form of Government is. California has a ‘democracy’. And look how well that works. The USA is a Constitutional Republic. We are provided redress as a right in the event the elected officials turn a deaf ear to the electorate. Next, this twit spent a lot of energy attacking bogeymen for using sharp  rhetoric. No conciliation in this guy’s little head. Uh Uh. Attack, attack, it is all he knows. Lastly, he was all about the benevolence of Government. How stupid can a person get? “Government” is not kind. For it to give, it must take. It is not beneficial. It is Power.


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