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April 30, 2010

There are certain kinds of power. Power over food in any part of the field to table cycle, power over movement, power over energy. There are more, obviously, but these are the kinds of power most under attack. When the Government and business actively ‘partner together’ or more realistically, collude (read, Fascism), to control any aspect of power, the middle class loses. Read about Mussolini for background on the idea.

Business gains because a business big enough to command the feds attention is big enough to enable legislation that reduces competition. They may appear to be ‘regulated’ but in reality, they are ‘monopolizing’.

Government gains because power enables a self-perpetuating system.

Follow me so far?

As I have written for some time now, sorry about the new blog, the Federales were making me nervous, T Boone Pickens and the Feds in partnership is just a monopoly over the middle class. OK, here is where I get a little complicated. The following is just ideas. Not a plan. Something to ponder.

Instead of using eminent domain for high voltage wires from a field of windmills, instead of rebating a multi-millionaire tax money to build more Chinese built windmills, instead of blighting the landscape with these contraptions that are designed to indenture the next generation, why don’t we rebate tax money for those little AC windmills that any homeowner could install in about any yard.  Then you can plug in one of those crappy little electric cars that comes with its own rebate, have zero impact on 1)oil supplies and demand, 2) your environment. And still retain all of your personal liberty.

This too wacky? Or does it just not fit the need for Power?


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