April 22, 2010

A Brief History of America

Who wanted to keep slavery in America?  The Democrats.  (from Jackson in the 1830’s to the 1860’s)

Who fought to rid America of Slavery?  Abraham Lincoln (1861 – 1865)  Lincoln was a Republican.

Who passed and enforced Jim Crow laws in America?  The Democrats (1870’s to 1960’s)

Who opposed Civil Rights legislation?  The Democrats (the 1960’s)

Who promotes racial separation in America?  The Democrats (ongoing; count people by race; look at issues by race; divide by race)  NOTE:  there’s only one race: the human race.

It was Wilson in the 1910’s who segregated the military.  Wilson was a Democrat.

Franklin Roosevelt spoke about equality, but kept segregation.  Franklin Roosevelt was a Democrat.

Harry Truman integrated the Military.  Truman was a Democrat.

Eisenhower integrated public schools.  Eisenhower was a Republican.

Lyndon Johnson and Everett Dirksen passed the Civil Rights legislation in the 1960’s.  Johnson was Democrat and Dirksen was a Republican.


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    heh, heh. Like my ‘is he queer?’ thing?

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