The Apology

April 21, 2010

I owe an apology.  I apologize to my children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren for living a lush life on their nickel.

I have been a voter for 55 years, and I was asleep at the ballot box.  I let the American Republic fade into the dustbin of history. Although there were a few million others that were contributory to that downfall, I had a personal responsibility for the preservation of the Republic and the Constitution.  It is probable that my progeny will not be too accepting of my apology, as they toil endlessly and fruitlessly to maintain some semblance of respectability in a shabby, shopworn, third world America – once known as the Shining City on the hill, paying for the excesses of this generation  .

Oh, sure, I nibbled around the edges of political activism, occasionally engaging in some minor activity that looked or sounded as though I was accomplishing something.  Probably the main activity was sitting in on bull sessions and griping about some action or lack thereof.  What a useless, fruitless bunch of words and nonsense.

During these past 55 years, our schools have evolved into training grounds for “progressives”, a word used to disguise an ideology of totalitarianism.  I was too busy to be really involved in the schools.

Our States have become merely little agencies of an enormous and powerful Federal government.

Our newspapers and television have become merely propaganda voices for the progressives.

Our charities have become agents of the Federal government, where once it was people helping people



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