Dedicated to the Citizens in the middle. In the middle of the perpetually needy and the Overlords. Dedicated to the Idea of Individual Freedom and self. Just not in the usual way.

I have some theories, really, just one theory. I call it “The Theory of All”  in honor of Einsteins failed effort at unifying his theories. Unlike Einstein, my The Theory of All   is profoundly simple. Yet, it covers virtually all, absolutely unifies all, of the human Mind and Experience.

Simply put,

Everything we do, we do for the perceived psychological benefit.

Think about it. Forget all the psycho babble, all the smoke and all the mirrors. Everything you do today will be purely for the perception of benefit to yourself. Nothing more and nothing less. If you live on the right side of the Bell Curve, you will see the logical application of the The Theory of All , if you live on the left or at the top, you will not and nothing can change that.

“The Theory of All”  can be used as an agent of introspection and improvement or it could be used as a tool to understand the Human Condition. Hopefully you will get some benefit from it . And hopefully you will Have a nice day.





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